e-Publishing refers to a publishing process where the manuscript has been submitted in hardcopy/e-copy. Then it goes through the processes like – copy editing, typesetting, proofreading, indexing, eBook & XML conversion and then gets distributed to the end users either in the form of printed copy or in digital format. TIESPL has been offering end-to-end publishing solutions such as Copyediting, Typesetting/Composition, Proofreading, Indexing, eBook & XML Conversions. Our team has expertise at Large Print Conversion, ZAI-XML Conversion and Accessible ePub for the visually challenged people. TIESPL has also been offering conversion from printed hard copy books to digital formats, which can be used either for digital distribution or for POD (Print On demand) purpose.


(Copy Editing & Proofreading)

Editorial services are an integral part of Publishing industry. Adapting to different style guidelines of writing, we adhere to impeccable standards of presenting contents which undergoes copy editing and proofreading processes. Copy editing make sure that written content is accurate, clear, and correct, whereas Proofreading ensures that there are no typos, punctuations & inconsistencies and the contents are ready for publishing.

Composition / Typesetting

A well composed page is essential to communicate its contents well. Composition includes template creation or design that helps you organize your content visually. We specialize in digital typesetting with the latest software such as InDesign, Frame Maker, Quark Express and Latex.


Indexing consist of list of words or phrases and associated page reference to where useful material relating to that heading can be found in a document. An index in the back matter of a book and an index that serves as a library catalogs. We have been providing indexing services to most of our publishing customers.

Large Print Conversion

Large print conversion is more than just increasing font size. Design, layout, typography and color are other important areas that must be considered. We have been offering large print conversion to Publishers for catering to the visually challenging audiences.

XML Conversion

XML makes it effortless for publishers to work with content in large volume. Conversion of XML defines the operational cycle and provides opportunities to tweak it for competitive strengths. Our expertise in the design and creation of XML for content management has helped publishers improve revenues consistently.

Another important purpose of XML Conversion is to produce data formats that are used to encapsulate data for records in databases, transactions, and other sorts of data.

e-Book / ePub conversion

e-Book/ePub has rapidly become the standard for the electronic publishing industry. Publishers are adopting it to reach their audiences. TIESPL adds value across the electronic publishing process and is poised to lead with its ePub conversion expertise for global clients to expand the reach of their content. TIESPL has been producing all types of eBooks/ePubs for their customers.

Digitization & Data Conversion


The hallmark of a sound digitization and data capturing is its accuracy. We are confident of capturing data from diverse sources such as paper, scanned images, microfilms and delivering this data at accuracy rates of more than 99.995% within the shortest turn-around time. This has been made possible with a blend of tools and checkpoint-driven quality assurance processes.

Scanning & Indexing

To be able to search for images, it is helpful to have rich data about the image. We scan images from various media at high resolutions using approaches that preserve the original information present in the image, such as details and colors. Thereafter, we prepare an index that identifies images with contextual information, making it easier to search for them.

Image Processing

As a hub for providing services to the publishing industry, we also have graphic infrastructure to transform raw images into valuable assets that can be tapped by the clients. Our team has experience in the latest image processing tools available and are nimble in achieving project goals while adding tangible value to the process.

XML / XHTML / SGML / PDF / Word Conversion

In a connected world, where data is expected to move seamlessly across formats, platforms, and media, we help convert data between formats while preserving its integrity. Our forte lies in analyzing data, data clean-up, creating conversion specifications and migrating or encoding data. We ensure the reach of your data is never compromised, irrespective of its source or form.


Accessible XML & ePub Conversion:

Converting the books & journals into accessible XML & accessible ePub formats. Accessible XML format can be used for materials like Braille and Audio books meant for the visually challenged people. Accessible ePub format can be directly used by visually challenged people with the help of digital devices, like ePub readers. TIESPL has extensive expertise in producing accessible XML & accessible ePub, either from scanned books/journals or from any other input formats. TIESPL has been delivering these types of high-quality accessible content enrichment and conversion services to its clients.

 PDF Remediation

PDF Remediation is the process of “tagging” digital elements of PDF documents so that they can be read using assistive technology.  Again, these “tags” identify the elements and inform the assistive technology about the order in which they are meant to be read.

Our PDF remediation experts work with your documents to remove accessibility issues and make sure all the inaccessible documents are compliant with Section 508 and WCAG AA. During the process of providing document remediation service, our accessibility experts manually review each page of your file, following accessibility requirements & guidelines.

PDF document accessibility checking includes but is not limited to:

  • Reading order
  • Heading structure
  • Table structure
  • Alternative text

We add a tag structure to your PDFs enabling them to work with assistive technologies, such as screen readers. For example, if your document includes a table, each element of the table must be tagged properly for someone using a screen reader to navigate the table in a way that is understandable. This includes having a table header structure and defining the scope of each header cell.

We are offering PDF mediation services for all the languages.